Delta 6000 Pharma

The IMA Ilapak’s Delta 6000 Pharma is a fully modular design flow wrapping machine that offers
high-speed long dwell single jaws up to 200ppm and multiple jaws up to 400ppm.
Its heavy-duty and reliable design allows the Delta 6000 to be integrated into automatic packaging lines.

Ima Ilapak Delta 6000 Pharma horizontal HFFS flow wrapper packaging machine for Pharma and medical devices BFS

The IMA Ilapak Delta 6000 Pharma solution presents a higher degree of machine cleaning and an easier cleaning process
The possibility to install the machine in a harsh environment and expanding
the machine option configuration & connect with a different feeding system is higher and important benefits that make it attractive and specifically dedicated for a sensible field, as the Pharma one requires.
Concepts as higher reliability components and easy maintenance permit Delta 6000 to raise itself to a high level of standards.
The Delta 6000 packaging solution is adapted to performing hermetic sealing while managing a wide range of wrapping material characteristics.

The IMA Ilapak’s Delta 6000 Pharma offers as option wide solutions of features such as printing OCR/OCV, automatic feeding, 21 CFR Part 11, and clean room compliance.
Machines are available in stainless steel or painted finish, top and bottom film feeding.

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