Delta OF-360 X

Raw material costs and their availability, national and international regulations - everything changes so fast, making the future increasingly unpredictable.
Delta OF-360 X is the first future-proof flow wrapping machine, thanks to its variable geometry that can be set with just a touch on the HMI. Limitless flexibility to quickly switch from one material to another, even those which are still to be developed, is the best way to protect your investment. With Delta OF-360, the future is in your hands.

The Delta OF-360 X is capable of running any packaging films, from paper-based films to complex laminates and recyclable mono-polymer films, with changeovers effected simply by pressing a button on the machine’s HMI. At a time when the future direction of sustainable packaging is fluid and uncertain, this HFFS solution gives manufacturers and packers total flexibility to switch easily between different substrates - whether they already exist or have yet to be developed.
As well as future-proofing factories to keep pace with packaging material changes, the Delta OF-360X insulates manufacturers against energy price rises. The machine is built on IMA ILAPAK’s new full-electric flow wrapping platform, which uses on average 37% less power than a conventional flow wrapper. IMA ILAPAK’s engineers have achieved these efficiency gains by replacing energy-intensive pneumatic applications with highly efficient linear actuators.

• The most energy-efficient and flexible flow wrapper on the market
• Capable of running any packaging films, from paper-based films to complex laminates and  recyclable mono-polymer films, with changeovers effected simply by pressing a button on the machine’s HMI
• Electrics replace pneumatics for energy savings
• Plug and play flexibility

• Ability to automatically change film path geometry and handle the film differently according to  the type of material
• Possibility to increase/reduce the distance of the pulling rollers from the folding box, to be  more/less gentle on film
• Possibility to select between up to 3 different sealing technologies, according to packaging  material needs - heated roller, linear sealing bar and ultrasonics
• Reduction stress on the folding of the heated longitudinal fin
• The Delta OF-360 X incorporates a new universal patented folding box system that prevents paper  films from tearing or microbreaking whilst providing the precision control that plastic films  require during the forming operation
• Increased cycle accuracy and overall speed with reduced energy consumption
• Ensure extreme flexibility to end user on packaging material ‘’runnability’’

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