Ilapak has drawn on the latest web technologies to make its Weightronic (WA) multihead weigher Industry 4.0 ready with the launch of a new smart interface.

Besides advanced graphics, this state-of-the-art display offers a number of new features for enhanced diagnostics, analytics, set-up, interrogation and connectivity, including an industry first – AR (augmented reality) functionality that gives the operator a unique view into the machine.

Ilapak is the first multihead weigher on the market to offer interaction via AR. Software linked to a camera located within the machine allows the operator to derive weigher performance and current status intelligence. This facility can assist with problem diagnosis and resolution by highlighting faults on-screen and is invaluable when creating new recipes on the weigher. 

A web interface that enables mobile connectivity is another new feature on the Weightronic’s new HMI. Users can view the interface from multiple devices in different languages and locations – assisting with diagnostics and machine optimisation and ensuring compliance with Industry 4.0.  

The new control pad can switch between imperial and metric measures and can store up to 1000 product recipes in its memory. It also features search engine functionality, so rather than having to scroll through every recipe to find the one they are looking for, operators can type in the first few letters of a product and the search engine will locate that recipe. A new, more sophisticated  authentication system allows users to set access levels for an unlimited number of users, giving greater flexibility on system security.

The new HMI will be demonstrated at IFFA 2019 on the Weightronic WA 14-50, which will be configured for IQF meat products, with large weighing buckets, embossed execution and a shallow angle for controlled product drop.

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