Challenging Applications ‘Soy’ Simple For Lux Pouch Maker

Following a programme of engineering enhancements, ILAPAK’s breakthrough LUX horizontal pouch maker can now be configured to tackle challenging food applications.


This evolution of the trail-blazing LUX pouch-making platform extends its application reach into new, unchartered areas, such as the high speed production of Doy packs for products with both high and low pH products such as soy sauce and vinegar.


Top Technology

ILAPAK solutions based on the LUX machine today represent the state of the art in technology for the high performance packaging of liquid and solid products in doy bags.

Since it was first unveiled at Interpack in 2016, LUX has become a source of inspiration for the market thanks to its innovative continuous motion filling concept. This enables manufacturers and packers to form flat film stock into high quality stand-up doy packs at speeds that are normally only achievable for lesser quality, more basic bag styles.


LUX Masters High Saline & Low pH Applications

Now, in collaboration with its client, NutriAsia—the leading producer of sauces and condiments in the Philippines—ILAPAK has developed a suite of construction and design features that prevent the deterioration of mechanical parts in the face of difficult environmental conditions for the machine structure.

This assures the pouch maker’s performance in applications involving high saline and low pH products, consolidating and strengthening LUX’s reputation as a worldwide reference solution for high volume pouch production.


Doy Design Features

LUX enables users to have the best of both worlds—the performance benefits of a continuous system and the aesthetic advantages of an intermittent system.

ILAPAK achieved this technical feat via the development of a unique patented dual motion system, comprising an intermittent station for pouch forming and sealing and a continuous station for product filling.


Blistering Speeds

This dual motion operation allows LUX to pack liquid products into spout pouches ranging from 250ml up to 2.5 litres in volume at speeds of up to 100ppm; pouches without corner spouts can be run off at speeds of up to 240ppm.

LUX’s continuous filling technique also translates to unrivalled speeds in applications involving solid products, where speeds of up to 180ppm can comfortably be reached. The machine can also be equipped with a multi-head scale or a dedicated counting system to take full advantage of the machine’s 240ppm maximum speed capabilities.

Newly designed fast changeover parts also contribute to LUX’s superlative performance. Format part changeovers can now be effected in as little as 10 minutes.

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